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  • what're the advantages of food vacuum packing

    Vacuum packing is a method of storing and preserving food in an airless environment, usually in air-tight pouches to prevent the growth of micro-organisms. Tangible advantages can be gained in the kitchen through vacuum packing, such as products being stored for several days longer without any deter

  • Welcome to our booth 9B022T at 96th Food & Drink Fair

    Welcome to visit our booth at 96th Food & Drink Fair , our booth no. 9B022T.The exhibits are thermoforming vacuum packaging machine , continuous belt type vacuum packaging machine, multi-head weighter ,metal detector and automatic conveyor.

  • What's modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)?

    1. What’s modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)?Modified atmosphere packaging( MAP) is a way of extending the shelf life of fresh food products . The technology subsitutes the atmospheric air inside a package with a protective gas mixture . The gas in the package helps ensure that the product will sta

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